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August 8th, 2017, SIGFW News Release

Shanghai International Green Film Week Unveils its Curtain

On July 27, 2017, Shanghai International Green Film Week, hosted by China Film Archive (China Film Art Research Center), Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and organized by Y.D. Communication, and Shanghai Film Distribution and Screening Association, unveiled its curtain in Shanghai Film Plaza.

Shanghai International Green Film Week was officially approved by SGAPPRFT (State Administration of Press Publication Radio Film and Television). Its mission is “to carry the memories via films, to protect the future via cameras”. It is a large-scale film culture event held by Chinese filmmakers to raise awareness of animal, nature and environment protection. In the Film Week, we have discussed new topics such as “Green Films Hatching”, “Green Cinema Screening”, “Green Culture Inheritance”, established a platform for international green film communication and cooperation, and recommended excellent green films and talents all over the world. Since the press conference which was held on Apr.8th,2017, there were continual bright spots in the whole Shanghai International Green Film Week, reflecting new concepts of green film culture.

Several green film projects reached cooperation

At the opening ceremony, July 27th, film festivals delegates, consulate delegates, film directors and animal and nature experts from the United States, France, Australia, Germany, Finland, Spain, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea gathered in Shanghai Film Plaza, promoting green film and speaking out for it. At the ceremony, the organizing committee signed cooperation agreements of “China-Finland Film Festival Cooperation Agreement”, “Green Film Completion Insurance Cooperation Agreement”, “Green Film Distribution Cooperation Agreement” and etc.

Green DNA Forum Series

In order to further develop the concept of “Green Film” and topics such as “Finance Mode, Green Inheritance”, Green DNA Forum Series were successfully held during the film week. Six forums and several events were held, including “Green Culture Inheritance Forum”, “Nature Conservation of World Heritage Forum”, “Wildlife Protection Forum”, “Green Film Finance Cooperation Forum”, “Green Film Global Development Platform Forum”, “Green Cinema Screening” and “Green Film Finance Cooperation Roundtable Meeting”.

Six “First Time” in Green Film Industry

For the first time, this Film Week, with the help from “International Animal and Ecology Film Alliance”, serves as a platform for global green film communication with the movies from 18 countries screening. For the first time, we analyzed green film data and publish “the 2017 Report of Green Film Data Analysis” on the Green Film Finance Cooperation Forum. For the first time, we signed Strategic Agreements for Green Film Completion Insurance in this Film Week. For the first time, we have discussed cultural concepts of “Green Culture Inheritance”, held “The Top Ten Image Design Contest of Endangered Animals” and will develop it into a series of films and television works in the future. For the first time, we have discussed new concepts of “Green Cinema Screening”, advocate the idea of green cinemas, meanwhile launch new film and television products for scenes of green films and nature documentaries. The first green film and television culture funds established by Y.D. Communication and Wenhui Fund tends to produce two animations, two feature films and one documentary in the following years as expected.

40 films were screened in Shanghai

The organizing committee receives 137 films from 38 countries. Among these films, there are 39 Chinese movies and 98 foreign movies ranging from feature films, documentaries and animations. After the first selection, 123 of the movies pass the selection and 61 films were nominated. 40 films were screened in Shanghai Premiere Cinemas-Kerry Center in the past week.

The Closing Ceremony “Glamorous Stars”

The green film week were successfully closed on August 2nd. Celebrities including Sairina, Niu Li, Wu Zun, Zhang Danfeng, Hong Xin, Yin Zheng, Gao Xiaopan, Pan Xiaoting and etc. attended to support the commonweal. They encouraged the development of green feature film, nature documentary and animation, hoping green film producers continue to protect future environment by making more excellent green movies. 17 awards were awarded at the closing ceremony.


Best Feature Film: Les Fruits Du Temps, France

Best Screenplay Award: Soul of Bells, China

Best Documentary Film: Wild Scandinavia Finland, Germany

Best Cinematography: David Attenborough´s Light on Earth, Austria

Best Educational Value: Making an Ancient Forest, Austria

Best Species (International) Documentary: The Secret Life of Snakes, Austria

Best Species (China) Documentary: Golden Wild Yak, China

Best Natural Environment Documentary: EL SECRETO DEL BOSQUE, Spain/Equatorial Guinea

China Green Hope: The Story of Otis Tarda, China

Best Documentary Short Film: Circumnavigation the Holy Mountain, China

Best Novice: MACAREUX MOINE, le petit frère de l’Arctique, China; Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs, China

Best Animated Film: Dream, Brazil

Best Creativity: CASTILLO Y EL ARMADO, Brazil

Independent Spirit: Abandoned Tibetan Mastiffs, China; Guard the Source of Yangtze River, China



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