2018 Rules & Regulations of CIGFF

Article 1 - DATE AND PLACE

The China International Green Film Week (formerly known as China International Animal and Nature Film Festival) will be held from October 10 to 14, 2018.


Article 2 - OBJECTIVES 

The China International Green Film Week (CIGFW) is aimed at showing the films about the Nature (documentaries, fiction, education, animation...), especially those related to animals, and the relationship between animals and nature. It is also intended to sensitize the media, officials, and the general public to protect the environment and nature. By awarding the best films, it encourages more production and distribution of these films. It also provides an opportunity to meet others and exchange ideas, while promoting international cooperation in a broader sense. 



1. The Registration is Free of Charge.

The inclusion of films in the competition requires, on the part of beneficiaries, the authorization of their projection in a public meeting without any royalties or compensation of any kind. 

A) The theme of the films should be relevant to the objectives of the Film Week;

B) The topic on animals and nature will be more appreciated, but not required;

C) All participating films will be judged by the Organizing Committee;


2. The genre: movies of all genres (documentary, fiction, education, entertainment, animation etc.) may participate in the selection. They must be presented for the first time at the Film Week. 


3. Quality: the films should be full length, without any cut in the projection. All participating films will be projected publicly. 


4. The conditions of the films: films participants must be in their original version. Those films that are not in Chinese, English or French must be subtitled in English, the subtitling expenses are borne by the producer. The full copy of the text subtitled should be sent to the Organizing Committee. For films which do not correspond to previous conditions, the Organizing Committee reserves the final decision. The film will be subtitled in Chinese. The cost of translation into Chinese, dubbing and materials captioning will be paid by the Film Week. 


5. Video format requirements: Accepted file formats (endings): .mp[e]g / .avi / .vob / .mov / .mp4 / .m4v


6. Recommended codecs: MJPEG, Apple ProRes,  H264 (high bitrate if possible: minimum 2MBit/s and Uncompressed (very large files!)


7. Resolution: PAL or NTSC (as well as SECAM) from 720x400px up to HD material of 1920x1080px 


8. Audio format requirements: 48kHz sound PCM (only uncompressed), MP3, AAC (if possible > 160 kBit/s) 



9. Subtitles: The Selection Committee will screen films:

• WITHOUT subtitles IF the original language is Chinese.

• WITH French or English subtitles for all other original languages.

For subtitled films, the subtitles must be integrated in to the image.


10. Exclusivity: movies should be recently produced (After Jan 1, 2016) and had not been screened publicly in China. 




1.     Registration will be opened from now to April 15th 2018 (the date of the postmark). After sending copies of films, a fax or an email with the title of the film, the date, mailing method and number is requested by the committee. A deadline may be given, on request, if the film is about to be completed. The deadline is August 31st, 2018


2.     Only folders comprising the following will be considered: 

1)      A DVD copy of the film in its final version. Pre-selection copies will be held at the library of Festival. 

2)      The following documents need to be submitted: (Compulsory)

-- Completed Application form (must be properly completed)

-- The preview DVD is clearly labeled with film title, year of production, length, director’s name, and contact email.

-- Press kit—Include a film synopsis (100 word limit) ; 

                 Full production credits;

Director’s biography (100 word limit, include education and filmography);

Film Posters (1-3 high resolution digital);

   Production stills (1-3 high resolution digital);

   Director’s photos (2-3);

   Director’s statement (if available)

-- To register a foreign film in its original version, not dubbed into Chinese, attached: 

l  Full and definitive text in Chinese, English or French with the words "Final Script conformed to the final version of the copy available for the Festival", on CD compatible with Macintosh or PC format text (TXT), or by e-mail. 

l  List of Latin names of all animal and plant species listed in the film. 


3) This material should be sent through regular (Official Post) or express mail, with the following information on the outside of the package: “FILM INTENDED FOR REGISTRATION IN A FILM FESTIVAL, WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE”, and addressed to ‘The China International Green Film Week’.



1. All the documents will be enrolled and viewed by a selection committee, which will decide which films will be shown in the competition at the Film Week. Each candidate will be notified by phone, email or mail, the result of the deliberations. 

2. Companies that have sent the films in the competition may not, for any reasons, remove the selected films. During the film festival week, all participating films that are not formally public screenings yet are not allowed to be shown in any film theatres. 

3. Copies of the films and their full records should be sent to the organizing committee before August 31st, 2018



Article 6 - COMPETITION 

1. The competition takes place at the public screenings of the Film Week. It is solely for the Organizing Committee to set and modify the program and place for the projection of films in competition. The Committee has the right to select films out of the competition for the projection. The list will be available on the festival program.

2. The Organizing Committee of the Festival invites the director to present his/her film at a public screening. The Organizing Committee will take care of accommodation and the restoration of two people per film. A couple double bed or twin beds can be reserved. 


Article 7 - JURY & AWARDS 

1. The constitution of the jury will be published on the opening day. The jury is sovereign, whose decisions can not be changed. 

2. The winners can indicate to the generic winning film awards obtained under their films’ title. 

3. One director can present several films; however, he/she can only be awarded for one of the films. A trophy will be handed to the director of an award-winning film or his designated representative. No matter under what circumstances, it could not be mailed. 

4. A copy of the winning films will be made on DVD, at the Film Week’s cost, to be offered to partners, in appreciation for their financial support. 

5. All copies of foreign films have to be sent to one of the addresses indicated in the Invitation Letter

6. The jury will award the following Prizes:

Feature Film Section:

ü  Best Feature Film Award

Documentary Section: 

ü  Best Documentary Film Award

ü  Best Cinematography Award

ü  Best Educational Value Award

ü  Best Specie (International) Award

ü  Best Specie (China) Award

ü  Best Natural Environment Award

ü  Best Documentary Short Film Award

ü  The Best Novice Award

Animation Section:

ü  Best Animation Film Award


ü  Independent Spirit Award


Article 8 - PROMOTION 

1. The producer or the one with the film right allows the Organizing Committee of the Film Week to publish photographs from the film to the media, encouraging the promotion of the festival. Registration for the Festival implies permission for the organization of the Festival to present on the press, in the Festival's promotional materials and on its website photos and clips from the film (3 minutes) without repay rights. 

2. The winning films at the Festival will be screening in selected theatres.



1. For films and videotapes, transportation and insurance will be the sole responsibility of the shipper, as well as all related charges, customs fees forwarding to the import and export. 

2. The Organizing Committee bears the cost of storage and insurance of films from receipt to return, as well as shipping and insurance on their return (the cost of storage and customs charges upon arrival in the destination country not included). 

3. In case of loss or damage during transportation, the responsibility of the Organizing Committee is committed to the replacement of the copy from the current value of the manufacturing location of the copy. 



1. Participation in the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of this settlement. In case of dispute, only the text in Chinese is authentic.

2. The Organizing Committee of the Film Week is responsible for assessing all cases not covered by the settlement and any grant exemptions to the provisions above, at the specific and motivated request. 


Article 11 - ORGANIZATION 

1. The China International Green Film Week in China is organized by the Organizing Committee of the China International Green Film Week in China, in collaboration with YD Communication and many public and private organizations. 

2. The Organizing Committee is committed to the selection of films, in organizing events (exhibitions, debates...) and the choice of the composition of the jury. 

3. All letters and documents (movies, DVD, photographs) should be sent to the addresses indicated. 


Article 12 - OTHER

1. For everything that has not been resolved is the "Regulation of International Film Festivals" prepared by the International Federation of Producers Associations (FIAPF) Films that counts. 

2. Participation leads to the acceptance of these rules. The producers, distributors or other organizations that send films are responsible for ensuring the legality of their films. 



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